How to Transfer Currency from Gemini to Coinbase

Let’s see how to transfer currency from Gemini to Coinbase.

Before anything, ensure that you’ve verified your identity on both platforms with either your passport or driver’s license. Some options may not appear for you if you’re not verified.

  1. Go to your Coinbase Dashboard
  2. Select Send/ReceiveReceive
  3. Select the appropriate asset, and copy the Address (the string of letters and numbers)
  4. Go to your Gemini Dashboard
  5. Select TransferWithdraw from Gemini
  6. Select your Currency and continue
  7. In Select Destination, paste the Address from Coinbase into the Transfer to field

Note that there will be a network fee for this transaction.

Despite the network fee, I would suggest sending a small amount first to ensure the transaction will be successful, and then send the rest of it.

Your funds won’t be shown in Coinbase for some time (depending on the currency), so don’t fret if your account balance isn’t updated right away.

Learn how to transfer currency from Coinbase to Gemini.