How to Open Projects as Tabs in Current Window on macOS IntelliJ

How can we open projects as tabs in the current window on macOS IntelliJ?

By default, projects will open as a tab in IntelliJ when in full screen.

What if we want to open projects as tabs even when we’re not in full screen?

1. macOS General Settings (Prefer Tabs)

First, we’ll need to change some General settings.

  1. Open Spotlight: ⌘ + spacebar
  2. Search for General: General
  3. In the Prefer Tabs section, change from in full screen to always

2. IntelliJ Preferences (Current Window)

Next, we’ll have to modify some IntelliJ preferences.

  1. Open Preferences: ⌘ + , or IntelliJPreferences
  2. Go to Appearance & BehaviorSystem Settings
  3. Under Project, open projects in Current window

Now, projects will automatically open as tabs.