How to Escape Special, Meta Characters with Backslashes in Java

Published Jun 20, 2022

How can we add an escape character (i.e. the backslash \) in front of all special characters in a string?

Suppose we want to replace all special characters in the following to string.

String str = "{key:2}";

The resulting string might look something like this:

String escaped = "\\{key:2\\}";

The resulting string contains a double backslash because the backslash itself needs to be escaped as well.

1. Escape a single character

If we know exactly which characters to escape, we can call replace() on our string using the String API.

String escaped = str.replace("}", "\\}")
                    .replace("{", "\\{");

2. Escape all meta characters using for loop

Suppose we have an array of all the special, meta characters.

String[] specialChars = {

We can escape all these characters by simply looping through them and prepending a double backslash to each character.

private String escape(String str) {
  for (String s : specialChars) {
    if (str.contains(s)) {
      str = str.replace(s, "\\" + s);
  return str;

3. Escape all meta characters using Stream API

We can obtain the same result using the Stream API as well.

Maybe this time, we’re starting with a list of special characters.

List<String> specialChars = Arrays.asList(

Then, we can use the contains() method on the list to check each character in the string.

private String escape(String str) {
  return Arrays
    .map(c -> {
      if (specialChars.contains(c)) {
        return "\\" + c;
      } else {
        return c;