How to Set up Custom Domains with NameCheap and Netlify

The process to integrate a NameCheap domain with a Netlify deployable is fairly straightforward, but I wanted to document it here for reference.

We have two criteria before continuing with this article:

  1. We have bought a domain on NameCheap
  2. We have a site deployed to Netlify with a * domain

1. Add custom domain to Netlify

Let’s head over to our Netlify Dashboard.

  1. Select the site you want to use
  2. Click Set up a custom domain
  3. Type in your custom domain and select Verify
  4. In the Domain management panel, select the dropdown of our newly added custom domain and click Set up Netlify DNS (or just click Check DNS Configuration)
  5. Click through the wizard until we get to Active Netlify DNS with some nameservers (,, etc.)
  6. Leave this page open, and open a new tab for the next section

2. Change NameCheap nameservers

Let’s head over to NameCheap.

  1. Go to AccountDashboard
  2. Click Manage for the domain you’re using
  3. Under NAMESERVERS, select Custom DNS
  4. Paste in each nameserver, one-by-one from the Netlify
  5. Save by clicking the check mark

That’s it! Nice and simple.