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LogFetch is a technical site focused mainly on solving common problems in the software engineering world, whether it be in the world of JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, Docker, Git, career advice, personal finance, or general Computer Science fundamentals.

We write practical tutorials and how-to articles.

We are open to advertising products (e.g. apps, services, brands, software, etc.) given that it aligns with the practical nature of the site.

Working with Partners

There are two options for working with partners.

1. Advertisements

An advertisement placement on the site is an effective way to gain impressions and engagement for your brand.

An ad can be placed either on the sidebar, before article content, or after article content, all with different rates.

2. Partner Posts

Partner posts are simply articles, blog posts, or tutorials that solve a specific problem using your product.

If you have an original article written up that you feel is publishable, then you can certainly submit it to our editor as a partner post.

We are also willing to write up an article on your product, with as many drafts and iterations as needed to create the best showcase of your work.

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